November 5, 2018 ivanrips 0

Some time ago they asked me: Ansys is better than OpenFOAM?
Certainly, the question has no handle, I have always believed that all software is good (considering that they have the same simulation capabilities) and those who are wrong are us, the users. […]


OpenFOAM Install

February 26, 2017 ivanrips 2

In the previous post we explained how is the process of installing OpenFOAM on windows, now we show you how to install it, if you already have Ubuntu installed or is your operating system you […]


OpenFOAM on Windows

February 23, 2017 ivanrips 0

OpenFOAM is software that works on Linux, however many students, engineers and professionals use windows for various reasons. Changing the operating system to learn OpenFOAM is difficult, so there is a way to use OpenFOAM […]


OpenFOAM History

February 12, 2017 ivanrips 1

Here is a brief history of how OpenFOAM started, and why there are two websites where you can download the software. It is important to emphasize that despite being the same software, both have small […]