ANSYS History

Currently, ANSYS is the world’s number one Computational Fluid Dynamics software (sales), followed from afar by its competitors, here we will tell you about the current CFD giant.

We invite you to see the sales chart in this link: CFD Beginners – ANSYS

ANalysis SYStem, known as ANSYS was founded in 1970 by Dr. John Swanson, who worked at the Westinghouse Nuclear Laboratories in Pittsburgh, he was responsible for the nuclear reactor and developed computer codes for obtaining the efforts in the rotor.

He subsequently left his work to continue developing his code with the help of some colleagues, however ANSYS did not start as a CFD software, but started as a CAE software, and since 2003 begins with the acquisition of important Softwares such as CFX- 4 (later called CFX), and it is at that moment that he begins his adventure with the CFD; Years later begins what was perhaps the greatest rivalry in the world of computational fluid dynamics; CFX vs FLUENT, they were rivals, it was a classic, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Brazil vs Argentina, USA vs USSR or whatever you want …

In those years I used FLUENT, it was spectacular !!!, we could even say that FLUENT had some advantage, until in 2006 the unexpected happened, ANSYS bought FLUENT for the sum of 630 million dollars, this generated the beginning of an Empire of the CFD, perhaps we can compare ANSYS with CD-ADAPCO and ABAQUS, which are also giant companies of the sector although I doubt have their magnitude.

ANSYS has many diehard fans (I consider myself one of them) and also its few detractors (as in any software), but the great advantage that ANSYS has over its competitors is the way it has integrated its programs so that they can interact with each other within Of a single environment through the Workbench; Allowing us to use, for example, FSI (fluid-structure interaction), parameterization, optimization, compare results in CFX and FLUENT, etc.

ANSYS has among its programs:

ANSYS CFX – Computational Fluid Dynamics
ANSYS FLUENT – Computational Fluid Dynamics
ANSYS MECHANICAL – Structural Analysis
ANSYS MESHING – Mesh Generator
ANSYS AIM – Multiphysics simulation
ANSYS AUTODYN – Explicit software for analysis of extreme loads

These are some programs, there are much more, here I want to make a quote; The ANSYS MESHING is perhaps the best mesh generator of the market, only surpassed by the ICEM (Oh! Surprise, also of ANSYS).

But this story does not have a dream ending, because ANSYS is also one of the most expensive software on the market, so they have made available the student and academic world a free version, which has certain limitations of mesh and use of colors ( For the parallel simulation), in this web you will be able to download:


Soon we will develop tutorials in ANSYS, please do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel:


Here are some examples of what can be done at ANSYS: Hydraulics


  1. How to calculate wind turbine blade using cfd ansys ?
    blades contained of three pieces, i really feeling hard for simulation.

    is the blind analyzed using 3d or 2d?
    does the design use 3 pieces of blade or taken one of the blades only to be analyzed in cfd ansys?

    • Hi friend, It is necessary to review books about Blade Design, you can use Bladegen, this is a tool of ANSYS for the design of turbines, for a fast calculation is better use 1 blade using periodic interface. Regards

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