Fluid Mechanics Courses

Fluid Mechanics Courses

Any student or professional use or are interested in learning a CFD software must first understand how it works the black box, here we will share interesting videos about the theory of fluid mechanics and computational fluid dynamics, these videos are freely available on youtube.

Seminar 1: Colorful Fluid Dynamics: Behind the Scenes
by Phil Roe (University of Michigan)

Course 1: Intro to Fluid Mechanics
by Roger Rangel (University of California – Irvine)

Course 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics
by Suman Chakraborty (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

Course 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics
by Lorena Barba (Boston University)

Course 4: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics – Aerospace
by M. RamaKrishna (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

Course 5: Fluid Mechanics Lectures
by Ascher Shapiro (
National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films)

Course 6: Curso de Introdução à CFD usando OpenFOAM (Portuguese)
by Dra. Lívia Jatobá (DEMEC/IPRJ/UERJ) – Brazil

Course 7: Curso de Convecção
by Prof. Maliska (UFSC)– Brazil

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