Some time ago they asked me: Ansys is better than OpenFOAM?
Certainly, the question has no handle, I have always believed that all software is good (considering that they have the same simulation capabilities) and those who are wrong are us, the users. This led me to perform a simulation of a rectangular weir in ANSYS CFX and OpenFOAM considering the same mesh, identical border conditions and the same number of processors; and here are the results, watch the video.

The simulation times are very similar, the flow behavior is almost the same (I used the K-Epsilon turbulence model), to say that one CFD software is better than another is an error. Although many opt for ANSYS, Flow 3D, Abaqus, etc. for various reasons such as; more information, recognized support, lots of tutorials, varied training, etc. The high licensing costs make it not feasible to develop medium and small-scale projects, for that reason I am starting to love OpenFOAM because there is something that makes it unique compared to all commercial software, it is that OpenFOAM is free. You will tell me but OpenFOAM is more difficult to learn, it is true, and that is why the pleasure of obtaining the results is much more rewarding.

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