Where to buy your workstation?

Many simulations require great computing power and for this you need very powerful workstation. The prices of these workstations can vary depending on the characteristics: such as processors, graphics card and ram, etc.
If you are willing to invest in a workstation to develop professional simulations for large projects or for research purposes, you will need computational power.
We share here some websites that can help you know the features and prices, for Intel and AMD.

  • TITANCOMPUTERSNo matter how demanding your requirements, Titan can configure a workstation build that will strike a balance between your budget and needs. Do you need a silent machine? Perhaps something portable yet powerful? Maybe you have a unique application that no off-the-shelf workstation is right for. Titan Workstation Computers has the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to help you clearly define your requirements and then source the parts and skills to make that vision a reality in a cost-effective way. Our workstation component configurator comes with lists of carefully selected components for almost every clients needs and, if you cannot find exactly what you want there, it only takes one phone call to us and we will source the part if possible. 


  • BOXX SOLUTIONS; BOXX specializes in providing best of class 
    graphics workstations designed to accelerate your CAD design or visual effects workflow. Solutions range from the ultra-compact APEXX 1, to the world’s most advanced desktop workstation, the APEXX 5.


  • ORBITAL COMPUTERS; Maximize productivity with an Orbital Computers CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS or Video Editing workstation. Custom-built specifically for professionals and offered at industry slow prices, Orbital Computers has the right workstation for you. Contact us today for a personalized build based on your unique needs or configure a system with our online tool. You’ll find our Single and Dual CPU workstations are the highest performance, lowest priced systems around – guaranteed.


  • PUGET SYSTEMS; Puget Systems is based in the Seattle suburb of Auburn, WA, and specializes in high performance custom built computers. We emphasize customization over every aspect of each computer, offering personal consulting and support that is becoming quite rare in the industry. Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible computer for their needs and budget.


If you know any other store, please share it and tell us your experience in the comments, if you want to know what should be the characteristics of your workstation we recommend you visit this Post.


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